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The Fetus Cube

In the first week of November, 2009, some pro-life group on UC Berkeley’s campus fliered the area leading into Sproul with signs that said, “warning: genocide photos ahead.” Now, there are lots of legitimate anti-genocide demonstrations on campus, but I … Continue reading

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Chapter 13: Is God just a Genocidal Bully?

Professional Apologist and amoral monster Clay Jones penned this outrageous chapter defending the indefensible God of the old testament. Normally, Christians will hem and haw and say, “That’s the Old Testament. We don’t believe that anymore.” Not Clay Jones. Clay … Continue reading

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Niqab and Domestic Violence

First, the women in the photo are not wearing the hijab, but the niqab, which is why only their eyes are visible. But either way, consider that Islamic dress for women, as commanded by Mohammad, must cover everything except the … Continue reading

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