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What do other people have to say? "I think Yakamoz is a case study in bad behavior. She has tried to bully, threaten, and otherwise coerce people to concede her position. Even if it's for a good reason, her behavior has been egregious. People, especially men, have been sympathetic with her position. In return, she has not expressed any gratitude for men listening and supporting her, and taken a hostile tone to any man--and only men--that disagree with her in the slightest way. They've been trying to show they care, she's been trying to show she doesn't. And you know what? It has poisoned the discussion. I'm sure men are scared to speak, less they feel the wrath of hurricane Yakamoz, and I doubt any women feel the same because of her behavior."

Chapter 14: Is Christianity the Cause of Dangerous Sexual Repression

Short answer: yes. Before I give you the long answer, I must ask you to consider whether you want to continue reading, as this chapters contains one of the most emetic rape apologism I’ve encountered in awhile. At the very … Continue reading

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Man goes on shooting rampage, murdering wife, her coworkers, and random salon patrons

Prosecutor recounts Calif. salon massacre. So this dude, Scott Dekraai walks into a salon, methodically murders eight people, injures another, kills a man in the parking lot for good measure, then takes off. Prosecutors, to their credit, are seeking the … Continue reading

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Apples to Oranges

Yesterday, in response to the Islamophobia Decal’s question, “Are Western values really different from Islamic values?” on their syllabus, I asserted that Western vs. Islamic values constituted a category error. At the atheist club meeting, several people objected that it … Continue reading

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Five things that would make atheists seem nicer

WARNING: not nice atheist commentary coming up! Proceed at your own risk of mortality salience. Safety Cat buffers the godlessness This list is a perfect example of the kind of oblivious and often insulting projection that atheists have to deal … Continue reading

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Street Kids

(names changed) Can you spare a piece of Christmas? Steve asked me if I thought it was disrespectful to stare at a woman walking away. “When you talk to her, you’re not gonna stare at her chest, right? So why … Continue reading

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The Fetus Cube

In the first week of November, 2009, some pro-life group on UC Berkeley’s campus fliered the area leading into Sproul with signs that said, “warning: genocide photos ahead.” Now, there are lots of legitimate anti-genocide demonstrations on campus, but I … Continue reading

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Just take a pill.

Today I was witness to a depressing attitude I’ve encountered before. A person was in pain, and asked the collective for advil. I had aspirin and obliged. She took the dose and instead of immediately leaving for water, held it … Continue reading

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Yoga: Another pseudoscientific practice funded by your tax-dollars.

Living with chronic pain means I’m always looking for something simple that will improve my quality of life. When I saw on Berkeley’s course catalog a class called “gentle, restorative yoga,” I thought it might do me some good, build … Continue reading

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Comas, Seizures, and the Risen Christ

Your brain structures your reality. It does this best by logically organizing perceptions, and the idea is we more or less re-create the external reality the rest of us lives in. Usually brains work ok, but shit happens, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Chapter 13: Is God just a Genocidal Bully?

Professional Apologist and amoral monster Clay Jones penned this outrageous chapter defending the indefensible God of the old testament. Normally, Christians will hem and haw and say, “That’s the Old Testament. We don’t believe that anymore.” Not Clay Jones. Clay … Continue reading

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