Man goes on shooting rampage, murdering wife, her coworkers, and random salon patrons

Prosecutor recounts Calif. salon massacre.

So this dude, Scott Dekraai walks into a salon, methodically murders eight people, injures another, kills a man in the parking lot for good measure, then takes off. Prosecutors, to their credit, are seeking the death penalty. I for one would be ecstatic if they resurrected the old honey/anthill method. At the very least, he’ll spend the next several decades appealing his inevitable conviction and reading hate mail from his son.

Where’s today’s wrong? Why, it’s our old friend, the False Equivalence Fairy, here to reapportion blame equally!

Ok. What do we know about these two parents? Apart from the murder spree, the article makes sure to tell us that:

The two had been involved in an increasingly acrimonious custody fight over their son ever since Dekraai had asked a judge for “final decision making authority” when it came to matters involving their son’s education and his medical and psychological treatment.

“The two had been involved in.” As if it was mutual. See, there was this mysterious, ex-nihilo acrimonious custody fight that these two otherwise charming citizens walked past one day, only to fall into the event horizon. It’s not like this murdered woman had been involved in an increasingly acrimonious custody fight with her control-freak, domineering, mass-murderer ex-husband who demanded the ultimate authority over their son.

Sounds like they were both equally unreasonable and demanding. Oh what? It doesn’t sound like that?

But Cate [the victim’s divorce attorney] added that the report concluded neither parent was behaving as they should have.

“He found they were not co-parenting. In fact, they were parallel parenting and doing a poor job of it at that,” Cate said of the psychologist’s conclusions. “It led to a great deal of mistrust.”

It amazes me that, even after this dude proved what an irrational, violent monster he is, she’s still seen as somehow creating this “mistrust” and not “behaving as [she] should.”

If ever there was a time to stop and go, huh. Maybe she had a reason to mistrust him? Maybe he was the one who was behaving badly and refusing to co-parent? Maybe it’s not easy to co-parent with a man who demands final decision making authority over huge swaths of the child’s life? You’d think post-massacre would be that time.

It takes two to tango. You know how many people it takes not to tango? One. One person has total control over stopping the tango at any time. Dekraai stopped the co-parenting tango a long time ago (or, if you prefer, just changed it to a Batan Death Waltz).


Throughout the custody battle, Dekraai and Fournier traded serious allegations, each calling the other an unfit parent.
Dekraai said…Fournier had a drinking problem…
Fournier responded in court papers that Dekraai was mentally unstable, had been violent and abusive to her when they were married and had once called 911 and threatened to kill himself and others.

You’d think post-massacre, we’d have some hint of an insight into whose serious allegations are true. I guess we’ll just never know whether the man who shot her in the face was capable of violence.


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