The Fetus Cube

In the first week of November, 2009, some pro-life group on UC Berkeley’s campus fliered the area leading into Sproul with signs that said, “warning: genocide photos ahead.” Now, there are lots of legitimate anti-genocide demonstrations on campus, but I had been warned. These were not genocide photos (except for the actual genocide photos of lynching victims and Holocaust victims). Mostly they were pictures of Obama on various magazine covers. There were also the same seven or eight fetus photos everyone has seen before because they’ve been circulating in this movement since the eighties.

Who knows what they portray. That shit coulda come outta any child’s creepy crawlers mold. The best they can say is, this is something that may at one time have been growing in some private citizen’s uterus, and now it is no longer growing there. Did she want it out? What was her health status? Does she want documentation that presumably belongs in a HIPAA protected medical record up on a billboard? Who the hell knows! These idiots fucking don’t.

I’d be shocked if they could tell me what was identifiably human about a gooey fetal limb on a quarter with early digit differentiation that’s common to any mammal with digits (though which fingers then get deleted varies by species). I wouldn’t put it past this movement to whip out the cell phone and snap a shot of their cat’s miscarriage if they thought it would get them some political points for the baaaaaaaybeeeeeez.

And now, an interlude.

Online auction to raise funds in Scott Roeder case.
No shame at all. “Pro-life” group has an online auction to raise funds for the assassin who believed in the sanctity of life so much, he walked into a church and shot a doctor in the head. This is, of course, far from the first inarguable terrorist these groups have openly championed. Paul Hill is another.

The items are:
An Army of God manual. A prison cookbook compiled by a woman doing time for abortion clinic bombings and arsons. An autographed bullhorn. Three drawings autographed by Scott Roeder.

One of the Fetus Cubers on Sproul yesterday insisted forced birthers are “against violence.” This cannot be true. It is violent to oppose medical care for half the population. It is violent to call 1/3 of women murderers when you do not believe that, because you do not in fact support trying all of those women for murder. It is violent to exploit genocide victims to attack people getting the most common fucking outpatient surgical procedure, whose access to which is strongly tied to positive maternal and child health outcomes.

It turns out, healthier mothers who didn’t die from trying to self-abort, or from miscarrying, or from giving birth too often or too young or too uninsured are typically more alive to care for their fewer, planned, spaced kids, and have more income to spend and more education to impart to them from being able to finish school and have a life and be her own person. Her kids will be smarter because of the improved birthweight and heightened acccess to good nutrition in infancy and childhood. All because she had birth control and access to medical treatment for any and all of her biological functions. It’s the miracle of medicine.

Of course these are all issues about which the putatively pro-life movement cares exactly squat. They have a religious opposition to abortion related to their personal conception (ha!) of “ensoulment,” but their religious beliefs have no place influencing public policy much less my access to medical care.

If these supposed genocide-fighting “nonviolence” supporting pro-lifers gave a shit about maternal health, pro-life groups and politicians would be leading the fight for universal single-payer healthcare, for good school breakfasts and lunches, and all that sissy bleeding heart shit us baby-eating feminazis care so much about. They wouldn’t be comparing women who get outpatient surgery to avoid serious (and expensive) complications a few months down the road, to the fucking Klan.

Maternal health is fetal health, but it’s hard to see that when you think a woman’s body is a death camp that brave sperm must escape from, and weep that only one even has a chance.


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What do other people have to say? "I think Yakamoz is a case study in bad behavior. She has tried to bully, threaten, and otherwise coerce people to concede her position. Even if it's for a good reason, her behavior has been egregious. People, especially men, have been sympathetic with her position. In return, she has not expressed any gratitude for men listening and supporting her, and taken a hostile tone to any man--and only men--that disagree with her in the slightest way. They've been trying to show they care, she's been trying to show she doesn't. And you know what? It has poisoned the discussion. I'm sure men are scared to speak, less they feel the wrath of hurricane Yakamoz, and I doubt any women feel the same because of her behavior."
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