The Tower of Babel

Ben Stein - Expelled
I’m with Ben, seen here with his pants down; complicated things are obviously designed. The focus of his groundbreaking documentary was on biology classrooms. Through investigative interviewing, and creative editing, Ben Stein revealed how biology teachers and professors are being driven out of their chosen field. It’s all because they don’t accept the major unifying premise of evolution without which insight nothing in biology makes sense. Just because of that, smart new ideas are banned from the classroom, in favor of dumb old ideas. Down with the tyranny of the preponderance of evidence!

But I don’t think Ben goes far enough. As my degree is in linguistics, I am qualified to state for the record that languages show all hallmarks of intelligent design. Here’s the proof:

1. Languages are Irreducibly Complex. If you took away just one class of words, your speech would be unintelligible. Imagine speaking English without using verbs. It’s impossible! Without knowledge of word order, you couldn’t be understood.

Now, sure, there is minor variation, and that can sometimes lead to micro-evolution of languages, but no information is ever added in this way. In fact, language is lost. Just consider the cancer-like spread of the term ‘hella’ to represent nearly all grammatical forms. It is, I am afraid to say, an example of hella hella.

2. The complexity of language is a specified Complexity: This is inarguable. Every sentence you have ever heard or read was specified by an intelligent agent – the speaker.

3. Fine-tuned Phonology: Few people realize that vowels are highly specified entities. The vowel /i/ absolutely has to have a very high second formant and a very low first formant. And the same is true for several other of the so called phonological constants. Imagine trying to speak English without being able to distinguish between /i/ and /o/. It would be impossible, and we’d be left grunting inarticulately to ourselves.

4. Thermodynamic argument: To believe that all the languages on Earth evolved naturally from a common ancestor violates entropy, because it suggests that humans become more expressive as time goes on. As we all know, babies become progressively more inarticulate as they get old enough to buy their own alcohol.

It’s clear from this evidence that languages could not have evolved naturally. If French evolved from Spanish, why is there still Spanish? Don’t let them fool you with all their talk of “dead languages” that existed in “the past;” languages do not have a common ancestor but a common designer. Of course some languages will be similar to others – it’s called a leitmotif!

The only rational conclusion is that an intelligent designer who may or may not have been the god of Abraham, Isaac, (Ishmael) and Jacob, was extremely threatened by tall buildings and cursed us with these devil tongues to confuse us. Real True Believers know we must get back to the first language, the language of Jesus: English.


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What do other people have to say? "I think Yakamoz is a case study in bad behavior. She has tried to bully, threaten, and otherwise coerce people to concede her position. Even if it's for a good reason, her behavior has been egregious. People, especially men, have been sympathetic with her position. In return, she has not expressed any gratitude for men listening and supporting her, and taken a hostile tone to any man--and only men--that disagree with her in the slightest way. They've been trying to show they care, she's been trying to show she doesn't. And you know what? It has poisoned the discussion. I'm sure men are scared to speak, less they feel the wrath of hurricane Yakamoz, and I doubt any women feel the same because of her behavior."
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